Cultural Show Package

Cultural Show Package

PACKAGE A (RM12,000.00)

  • 7 type of Dances
  • 3 Singers 
  • Accompanying Band and Traditional Music
  • Traditional welcoming performance
  • Mini P.A. System

PACKAGE B (RM6,000.00)

  • 7 type of Dances
  • Traditional welcoming (reception) and performance
  • Traditional Music 'live' / CD (playback)

PACKAGE C (RM6,000.00)

  • 3 Singers
  • Accompanying Band
  • Mini P.A. system

PACKAGE D (RM5,000.00)

  • 5 type of Dances
  • Traditional Music (Live) / CD (playback)
  • Traditional Welcoming (reception)
  • Traditional Welcoming performance

PACKAGE E (RM4,000.00)

  • 3 type of Dances
  • Traditional Welcoming (reception) and Performance
  • Traditional Music (Live) / CD (playback)

PACKAGE F (Traditional Performance / Pre-recorded Video)

  • Performance / Pre-recorded Video
  • 5 minutes - RM1,500
  • 15 minutes - RM3,000
  • 30 minutes - RM4,500
  • 1 hour - RM7,500

PACKAGE G (Modern Dance)

  • Modern Dance Live / Pre-recorded Video
  • 2 dances - RM2,500
  • 4 dances - RM3,500
  • 45 minutes - RM7,000



PACKAGE A (RM4,000.00)

  • Bunga Manggar
  • Welcoming Dances
  • Welcoming Traditional Music or Kompang

PACKAGE B (RM3,000.00)

  • Bunga Manggar
  • Welcoming Traditional Music or Kompang

PACKAGE C (Malaysia Truly Asia) (RM7,000.00) 

  • Covers the whole ethnic Dances found in Malaysia (music CD playback)


  • RM 2,000.00 (Mini)
  • RM 4,000.00 (Indoor)
  • RM 8,000.00 (Outdoor)


  • RM 2,000.00 (Mini)
  • RM 4,000.00 (Indoor)
  • RM 10,000.00 (Outdoor)


  • RM 18,000.00


  1. Additional costs will be charged for events held outside Kota Kinabalu in regard to the following:
    • Transportation
    • Accommodation
    • Singers / Artists
    • P.A. System, Stage , Lighting
  2. Performance Packages does not include 10% LKNS Management Cost.
  3. All featured performances will be in accordance with customers' requests.

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