Terms And Conditions

  1. Payment fees (booking fees) RM500.00 will be imposed when booking the hall and if the tenant cancels the reservation, it will not be refunded unless the cancellation is made by PKSP management. The booking fee will be deducted from the total rental package when making full payment.

  2. The PKSP management will give a one-week period from the booking date to confirm by filling out the form and paying the booking fee of RM500.00. If the reservation is not verified after one week, it will automatically be canceled.

  3. Property Security fees of RM500.00 will be charged and the deposit will be refunded if the PKSP management is satisfied with the condition of the property and building after the inspection is made. Additional charges will apply if damage exceeds the amount of collateral. Unsecured collateral money after one month will be not refunded.

  4. Property Security fees can be claimed 2 days after the event.

  5. Full payment must be settled a week before the event.

  6. Customers/Renter MUST take Panel/Supplier who has been appointed by the management of the Sabah Cultural Centre Penampang.

  7. Payment of RM300.00 will be charged if the customer/tenant orders outside supplier.

  8. User/Tenant are responsible/replace/repair any damage or loss on LKNS's facilities during the period of use/rental.

  9. The LKNS shall not be responsible for any claims on any accident/injury/loss occurring before/during/after the event and it is under the responsibility of the user/tenant himself.

  10. The Sabah State Cultural Board reserves the right to cancel the reservation with a notice of a month prior to the event to the tenant, due to the technical problems of the state and Federal Government / official events.

  11. LKNS management reserves the right to reject/suspend/cancel/suspend the event with immediate use if the rules and conditions are not complied with by the user/tenant.

  12. Use of the confetti (POPPERS PARTY) and Fire Show is prohibited and not allowed to use in the board.

  13. The air conditioner will be installed half an hour before the event/event starts and closes at the time specified in the booked time. (Please inform board management if you wish to extend the event half hour before the event ends).

  14. Tenants are compulsory to use the RELA service to ensure safety throughout the event under control.

If the conditions are not complied with, action will be taken according to the LKNS management's resolution. The terms are subject to the approval of the Board Member and Management of LKNS.