Functions Of The Board

Section 24 of the Sabah  Cultural  Board  Enactment  (Amendments: (2010)(2017) provides the following functions of the Board:

(a) to organize, arrange and coordinate trainings, seminars, workshops, forums, courses, lectures, culture researches or any other activities for the development of culture;

(b) to conserve and preserve culture including to establish a mechanism for cultural conservation and giving advice, provide consultations or expertise to cultural bodies;

(c) to assist in, and encourage the development of local ethnic handicrafts;  

(d) to establish, maintain, coordinate and promote cultural centers and art galleries within or outside Sabah; 

(e) to establish a working relationships with any cultural body relating to culture within or outside Sabah; and

(f) to do all such matters as may be incidental to or consequential upon the discharge of its functions under this Enactment.