Living Waters and Vanishing Beliefs and Other Stories | Code to pay : ISBN 978-967-10848-2-3

SYNOPSIS : ‘A unique combination of fact and fiction to expound the simplicity of a fascinating lifestyle… to capture anyone’s imagination.’ – YB Datuk Masidi Manjun ‘A creative exposition of the untold practices of community fish harvesting – timely publication. Kudos to Universiti Teknologi Mara Sabah!’ – Dr Haji Abdul Kadir Hj Rosline ‘A wedding of culture and conservation that makes inspiring reading. A society harmonising demand with resource and upstream dependency with downstream responsibility. This book provides a cogent and transferable argument for ‘bottom-up’ sustainable practice’. Nicholas Haes.[ Any enquiries, please contact Marketing Division at +60138638871 - Chin Sett Ling / +60168247346 - Said ]
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