Sabah Murut Cultural Centre Tenom



The Sabah Murut Cultural Centre, Tenom (Pusat Kebudayaan Murut Sabah, Tenom) is the focal point of the Murut ethnic groups in Sabah to develop and promote their cultural arts and heritage. Located 13km before Tenom town on the main road from Keningau, the centre is housed within a uniquely large timber complex of traditional Murut village architecture. The construction of the centre started in 1994 and completed in 1996. The idea of having a centre for the Murut community was mooted by Datuk Kadoh Agundong, the then Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Sabah.  

In line with the functions of Sabah Cultural Board, the centre serves as a venue for conducting seminars, workshops, forums, courses, lectures, culture researches and any other activities in regards to the development and promotion of the Murut cultural arts and heritage. The centre also provides facilities such as auditorium, kiosk, exhibition hall, traditional costumes, and other traditional products and equipment for rental.

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Visiting Time

  1. Monday to Friday, 8.00am – 4.30pm
  2. Saturday, 9.00am – 4.00pm
  3. Sunday, 9.00am – 2.00pm


Entrance Ticket

  1. Adult (MyCard), RM 5.00
  2. Children/Student (MyCard), RM 3.00
  3. Adult, RM 10.00
  4. Children, RM 5.00

* 20% discount on ticket prices for disabled students (OKU)
















Traditional games Lansaran

- - - -

Traditional games Sakimpang

- - - -

Traditional games Menyumpit

- - - -

Memorable Picture wearing Murut costume

RM5.00 RM10.00 RM3.00 RM5.00





  1. Exhibition of paintings and sculptures from Sabah Art Gallery
  2. Exhibition of Sabah Murut Cultural Centre Tenom
  3. Exhibition of Old Tajau
  4. Exhibition of Traditional Clothes from Murut Ethnic (8 sub ethnic)
  5. Exhibition of weapons and old equipment of the Murut Tribe (Baloi Murut)








  1. Beaded Assesories (chains, bracelets, earing, keychain,Sapuluh, Susukur, Lumpirot@Tiniwak)

  2. Bamboo Craftwork (Hat, basket, blowpipe, mats)

  3. T-shirt, mug, keychain

 Sale at reasonable prices




Provide cold / hot drinks and meals.

Sale at reasonable prices




i. Accomodation

Rental from RM10.00, RM15.00, RM20.00, RM30.00

ii. Meeting Room

RM50.00 per hour, RM400.00 per day

iii. Auditorium Hall

RM50.00 per hour, RM700.00 per day

iv. Outdoor Hall

RM50.00 per hour, RM600.00 per day

v. Stage (Sangiang)

RM25.00 per hour, RM250.00 per day

vi. Kiosk PKMST

From RM55.00 to RM65.00, for 1 month rental

vii. P.A System

RM3,500/Mini set,  RM1,000.00/karoke set

viii. Lighting

RM250.00 per day

ix. Gong Sembilan Murut

RM250.00 for 1 set

x. Gong Kadazan/Dusun

RM250.00 for 1 set

xi. Fan

RM  50.00 per unit

xii. Fan (with Air Cooler)

RM100.00 per unit

xiii. Banquet Chair

RM2.00 per unit

xiv. Plastic Chair

RM1.00 per unit

xv. Sofa

RM100.00 for 1 set

xvi. Table (Long/short)

RM10.00, RM5.00 per unit

xvii. Canopy

RM150.00 per unit

xviii. Sepak Takraw Court

RM250.00 per day

xix. VIP Chair

RM20.00 per unit

xx. Traditional Custome for Rent

RM50.00 per unit